Business Focus Group (BFG) pioneers in Offshore Sales & Marketing Support, Professional Education and Emerging Promotional Services (to B2B &am...more


"While engaging BFG for their various Marke"

Why BFG?

MPO by providing the most
exacting total solution
enhancing the clients RoI on per
unit cost of sales & marketing

Management Pillars

Our management takes its roots
from the doctrine of The Trinity
as mentioned in Christianity
on the “Triune God” ...more

BFG – Industry-Wise

Need want assessment holds
all the more greater value
proposition to B2B scenario of
Sales & Marketing ...more

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India's Demographic Dividend: From Present Tense to Future Perfect

Pepsi got it right when they coined a term 'Youngistan' for one of their ad campaigns. Today apart from India, very few countries in the world deserve the title of '...Read More
28th, February, 2011


Coffee Break

Is my business idea worth a success?

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.Read More
10th, June, 2011

Guest of the Month

Guest of the Month

May be a Practitioner, an Entrepreneur, an Analyst or a Theorist will be invited to write in this section specifically for "Knowledge Sharing". BFG endeavors that "t...Read More
22nd, November, 2010

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IIS- Industry Interface Services

Initiated IIS program-For a top governing body of legal professionals of India

Presented paper - On Industry-Academic Partnership by way of IIS at IIT Delhi on its Golden Jubilee celebration. It was appreciated and applauded by the lea

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